Monday-Friday - 10-6

Saturday - 10-5

Sunday - Gone Ridin

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*Group rides will be cancelled until next year around February. Our Winter Training Series will start November 16th. Come out and join us for some great training rides!*

Tuesday: Training Ride 6:00PM
Distance: 40-45 Miles
Pace: 20-22 mph

Wednesday: Recovery Ride 6:00 PM

Distance: 25 Miles 

Pace: 16-18 mph

Saturday: Beginner's Ride 8:00 AM

Distance: 17/25 Miles 

Pace: No Drop


Rules of the Road:

  • Helmet Required

  • Earphones Prohibited

  • No More Than 2 Abreast

  • Do Not Cross the Yellow Line

  • Use Hand Signals as Needed

  • Communicate and Use Common Sense

  • No Wheel Overlapping

  • Rides Leave Promptly at Designated Time